Nobody does it better.. just sayin! #livinthedream #prettyreckless #glamrock #glam #sleaze #restinsleaze #80sglam #boyswithtattoos

Posted September 30
sleaze    restinsleaze    prettyreckless    boyswithtattoos    80sglam    glam    glamrock    livinthedream    

So today was pretty cool! I got a bunch of signed gifts in the mail from #wednesday13 and #motionlessinwhite !!! Oh yeah and I went face shopping with @imadrien !!! I think its an improvement no?

Posted September 29

Just getting my weekly fix!! #restinsleaze

Posted September 25

That moment when you have seen your favorite band #motionlessinwhite play so many times that the lead singer #chrismotionless instantly recognizes your face when they start playing!! Its about time… I’ve only met the guy 3 times now, go to a MIW show atleast twice a year, and last night was my sixth MIW show I’ve been to! Last night was definitely the best show yet though… Chris gave me his microphone twice last night and after the show came over and told me it was always good seeing me! Lmfao!! Thats tge shit I live for!! So pumped for the new album #reincarnate and cant fuckin wait to see them again!! Oh and my man @imadrien did his first stage dive!! Meaning MIW have taken both are stage dive virginity!! Mine a few years ago.. so that’s bitchin as fuck too!!! #londonmusichall #livinthedream

#motionlessinwhite number six!!

Posted September 05 with 1 note

Newest sleeve addition… just one more sit now to fill it all in!!

Posted September 04

Tonight we head for heartbreak city…

Posted August 27

The world didn’t ask for another tattooed douch bag… but they got one anyways!! *cheers*

Posted August 27

Got my bitchin new ride, pretty stoked! #2014dodgedart

Posted August 22

Such a beast I love it! #dodge #dart #2014

Posted August 19
dodge    2014    dart